The North Holding

This nation is a land of dwarves, gnomes, humans and even some half-humanoids (half-orcs, half-ogres, etc.) living almost harmoniously together. It is a realm of harsh winters but these are counterbalanced by summers of long days that are celebrated with festival and song. The famed Northern Rangers wander these lands stopping monsters from encroaching too far into the borders and helping repel the constant humanoid hordes. It is a wild nation ruled by a number of jarls that form a high council ruled over by the High King. Many of these jarls are at odds with each other but because of the constant threat of invasion the nation just about holds together and the jarls work together in interest of survival.

The North Holding has so many mixed races, alignments, and religions that it has become a magnet for social misfits and outcasts. Generally though the large towns and cities are lawful places where the justice is swift but fair and are safe havens from the threats of the wilderness. In the wilds can be found the worse of humankind; evil cults, cutthroats, bandits, and madmen, but among them are the druids, rangers and the goodly folk who try hard to make a living from the land (trappers, farmers, hunters, etc.). The North Holding is also the land of witches, hags, and powerful Nature wizards. These powerful female sorcerers use their skills of divination to help the rulers and leaders of The North Holding in their decision-making, often guiding them in a direction beneficial to the sorceress.

North Holding culture is a mishmash of dwarven, gnomish and Norvic human. This means that the people love black humour, loud and dramatic song, art depicting battle, death and honour, and plays regarding war and glory.

The North Holding produces some of the finest weapons and armour in the north, much of it being shipped to Muetar. Many of these items are enchanted and there are numerous items magiked at the request of an individual so that the item has special powers suitable for the wielder or wearer.

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The North Holding

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