The Free States

This region has been a dangerous wilderness for millennia but when the Empire of Muetar expanded this area came under its control so as to safeguard the road to The North Holding. The area forced its independence under the renegade General Uthen Nereld (once lieutenant to the famed Casenbard) and it held together under his rule. After his demise the towns and cities of the region fragmented but with this came numerous attacks from humanoid tribes in the Scearp Hills. The major settlements quickly came to an agreement to form a loose alliance and formed the Council of the Free States.

Mercenaries were hired and adventurers were encouraged to the region to help combat the many evils that beset the people. Most of the population took to living in the towns while farmers and miners lived in communities protected by strong pallisades. This stills holds true today and travelling outside of these places at night is considered folly. The townships of the Free States have competed against each other since their inception and at the height of their power it seemed that the town of Irrilian was destined to transform itself into a mighty city of the north. The town’s wealth was built upon the mining of gems and metals but all too soon the gem mines dried up and efforts to expand into the Scearp Hills for new sources were met with stiff opposition from the orc and hobgoblin tribes that reside there. Irrilian’s wealth and status diminished and with it so did the prosperity of the other townships.

Recently the town of Tadafat has come to the fore as a trade hub, providing some of the best-guarded caravans in the north, suitable for traversing the dangerous journey to the North Holding. Tadafat has also established very well respected Adventurer Guilds that serve the needs of the growing adventurer population. Tadafat’s favourable location compared to her sister towns suggests that this community has a real prospect of becoming an important centre of the north. The other townships will not let Tadafat dominate the region without a fight and they are making waves of their own but to what consequence no one can tell at this early stage.

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The Free States

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