Principality of Lyris

This land has remained isolated from many of the affairs of Minaria and has slowly expanded across a stretch of fertile wilderness. With the wilderness now tamed Lyris has developed into a prosperous trading nation. Its roots trace back to when the Khorisian Empire tried to establish a colony in Minaria but internal strife back in the core of the empire has twice forced it to abandon claim to this region and has allowed nations such as Armania to take possession of it. The Remvian Empire made similar attempts prior to the Khorisians but only with limited success. Lyris is now ab independent state but the Khorisian influence still lingers on and it was only 50 years ago that the country adopted the Minarian calendar. The banking system is based on the Khorisian model and some of the architecture resembles that used in the empire over the sea (great colonnaded buildings with high peaked roofs and low houses with pyramid shaped tops).

The Crown Prince rules Lyris but in reality powerful merchants and trading houses control the country’s government. Thankfully Lyrisian moral conduct and a benign society mean that it has been steered in the right direction and economic growth has benefited many people. Lyrisians are an optimistic and friendly people who have developed their cultural identity through the behaviour of their society and not through cultural arts and endeavours. Much of Lyrisian culture is based on a mish-mash of stolen and borrowed ideas with many artists developing ideas onto a new level. Music, art, and writing all have a very contemporary and forward thinking edge to it.

Much of southern Lyris has a warm temperate climate with low rainfall while the more northerly regions are greener and wetter. These northern regions have been influenced by an influx of Hothiorian culture with the people bearing names that show a mixture of the cultures with music and song influenced in a similar way. Nevertheless the people carry the demeanour of a typical Lyrisian, optimistic and friendly with strong sense of loyalty and respect for family and friends.

All would be a bright future for the nation if not for the constant threat of humanoid, monster, and barbarian invasions from the Bitter Coast region to the north. Powerful entities often rise to power in this inhospitable region and look to conquer the prosperous land to the south. There are said to be great pirate cities in the Bitter Coast and vast slave markets that fuel the economies of the Southern Plitoriar Islands and the Shu nations. Shipping travelling to the northern lands are constantly under threat and the Lyrisian navy is unable to deal with the problem. Another threat is the underdark realm of Selagauth, where drow and even fouler creatures seek to destroy the overlanders.

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Principality of Lyris

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