Eldenora is the primary land of the elves. It is predominantly a high elven nation but there are numerous wood elves and a number of vale (grey) elves also residing here. Little is known about this fey realm as it is surrounded by magical mists, which stop unwanted visitors entering this woodland abode. Some more powerful creatures and individuals have discovered ways to penetrate into this realm and those who have returned describe it as serenely beautiful. Ider Bolis, the capital city, comprises of tree dwellings and domed shape surface dwellings made from a material that shimmers like water and swirls with translucent colours. There are also some wooden cottages on the outskirts, mainly the homes of wood elves. The city is set back on a tributary of the Great River and mists hide it from anyone travelling up or down the main waterway. It is virtually impossible to find the tributary. A road from the city is said to run down to the Great River where a glass bridge that can be lowered provides access to the far bank. The bridge must be of some size as even at this point the river is still a few hundred yards wide.

Foreign traders converge at the town of Elosa, set amid a lush wooded vale. This community has several fine inns and entertainment is laid on for its transient population; including outdoor plays at the Glowstar amphitheatre, music and feasting in the Pellor Grove and treetop meals at the Skyflower Eating Emporium. Only trusted merchants with a trade agreement with the elves can penetrate the mists to reach Elosa. How one obtains such a permit is a closely guarded secret and the traders that have one are all too keen to hang onto their monopoly.

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