City of Toran

Toran is the famous city of magicians. Built thousands of years ago by the Elder Magi it has lasted longer than their existence although descendants of this race still dwell in Toran’s majestic towers. The whole city buzzes with magic and those born here are expected to learn and master the ‘Craft’. Many outsiders try to gain entrance to the city but stringent tests are carried out before admittance and merchants require charters to trade within the city. To gain citizenship of Toran is even harder although mages of great power who are prepared to share their knowledge and use their arts to further the cause of the city are very much welcome.

A council of wizards rules Toran and among these are the Six, the inner circle of mages who hold the most power. Although they require the approval of the council to pass laws they are the main decision making body of the city. It is rumoured that this elite six are made up of the wizards of varying different traits, elected to their post through different means, e.g. through merit, political manipulation, respect, and so forth. This makes for a ruling body of differently aligned individuals, although they all share at heart the one aspect that drives them most, the advancement of magic. What the future vision of this council is and that of the people of Toran no one knows although a world dominated by magic must be at the heart of it, and probably for the wizards to be the controlling authority of it all. But an invasion from Toran to achieve this end seems very unlikely so many questions remain unanswered as to what to expect from the City of Mages.

The city, as already stated, is very secular but there is one recent record of Toranese intervention in war and that was during the mighty War of Divine Right. The city sent a force of wizards to help destroy the Shucassite armies. It is believed that the wizards sided against Shucassam as the Shucassites posed as an aggressive force to the rest of the continent but also so that the wizards would gain an insight into the Shucassite spell-casters and be able to pick over their bodies for magical artefacts once the dust settled.

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City of Toran

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