City of Port Lork

A city with a similar status to Kosca and considered by most to be Kosca’s biggest rival. Port Lork seeks to control all shipping to and from the entrance to the Great River and offers tax incentives for ships to berth and move their goods on to local haulers. Port Lork is also an intermediary trade port for Shucassam and Mivior in a similar way to Kosca. Its rulers, a group of Nuevo-nobility, have worked hard at creating a strong city-state without causing fear or aggravation to their neighbours. Nevertheless these same neighbours do not openly help Port Lork as they would no doubt wish to own this prize for their themselves.

Port Lork is a thriving city that is popular with adventurers because of its excellent guilds and light taxation on ill-gotten treasure. The city used to have a good relationship with the nation of Rombune and the various pirate factions that reside there. In recent years the Port Lork navy was destroyed by a large pirate fleet. The city still has good relations with some factions in Rombune but it is now seeking to rebuild its navy and to exact revenge. Recent political manoeuvring has ensured that the majority of shipping flying the flag of the city goes unmolested while travelling around the peninsula of Romea where the pirates are most prolific.

The region that Port Lork is built in is very sparsely populated and despite numerous attempts by Shucassite forces in the years gone by to clear the region of its monsters and to enslave the local humanoids the numbers have quickly reappeared. Adventurers now take on the Shucassite role although the humanoids are no longer enslaved but rather killed and looted. These creatures pose a real threat to the city and only too recently a large humanoid force led by a renegade Shucassite War Priest nearly brought the city to its knees. The city and region is simply a hotbed of adventure and to the advantage of the city this reputation continues to grow.

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City of Port Lork

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