Arch-Duchy of Pon


Located on the southern tip of eastern Minaria on the Romea peninsula this young nation has grown in prominence over the years and despite attempts from its two powerful neighbours of Shucassam and Mivior has resisted outside control and influence. Originally the region was a number of petty realms and two strong city-states but was united under a strong leader who sought to stop the infiltration of foreign forces. Rombune by the nature of its leaders and people is an unpredictable nation and they pride themselves on their free spirit and impulsiveness.

For many years they have been seen as an ally of Shucassam but in truth Rombune’s relationship with Shucassam is strained at best. This is in the main due to Rombune’s piratical activity, which is aimed at all shipping, something that has earned Rombune very few friends. The people of this region have always centred their lives around the sea with inland regions being only lightly settled. The nations population has begun to burgeon so farming has become necessary. Even today the inland areas hold very few large towns, and monsters and humanoids roam freely, many straying from the Great Southern Swamp, the main reason for these people’s aversion to the inland regions.

Rombune has a large navy, some of which is made up of independent shipping. The rest of the navy is made up of fast, lightly armed vessels commissioned by the King to protect the seas around the Romea peninsula. This protection usually involves stopping foreign shipping and relieving it of its cargo. The Rombune government denies all knowledge of this and the fact that the Rombune fleet only bears the nations flag in times of war makes it all the more difficult to prove. The only other time the flag is flown is when a Miviorian or Shucassite hunting fleet is sighted on the horizon, as confrontation with the more heavily armed ships is highly undesirable and even has the potential to spark a larger conflict.

The people of Rombune are generally lazy and enjoy their pastimes. These include drinking, eating, gambling, festivals, dancing, music, duelling, and attempting to attract members of the opposite sex. They are a friendly and tolerant race and show much generosity to those they feel deserving of it. To many outsiders Rombune lacks true culture with much of its arts being a borrowed combination of Shucassite and Miviorian ideologies and techniques. What things are distinctive in Rombune are food, architecture and music. The food revolves around fish and vegetables, all of it laced with flavourings and often accompanied by goat’s cheese. Goat is also a common choice for the dining table. Inland areas grow tea and this is a common drink among many Rombunese (often laced with an alcoholic spirit) and it is slowly finding a market across several areas of eastern Minaria.

Architecture of Rombune is either very simple, tall rectangular buildings with flat roofs usually white-washed or of a beige coloured stone, or massive low buildings such as the domed Eliphael Cathedral or the Hathena Arena outside the city of Ferufezan. Some buildings are adorned with minarets in an attempt to make them stand out from the neighbouring constructions, obviously an influence from Shucassam.

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Arch-Duchy of Pon

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