This realm is a hotbed for evil and more importantly the home of the Devil-God Kerad. This nation is similar to that of Mordor of Middle Earth: enclosed by mountains and dominated by the huge foreboding tower of Xaagon. The large sinister forest of Shadow Wood dominates the low land approach to Xaagon and it is filled with humanoid bands, monsters and foul extra-planar beings.

Many creatures follow Kerad but his most numerous servants are orcs. Worst of these vile humanoids are the black orcs, a larger and more intelligent breed of creature spawned from the machinations of Gruumsh and Kerad. These beasts are perpetually at war with the elves of Eldenora.

Cults to the devil-god exist throughout the human realms despite attempts to stamp them out but it is widely known that several nations are more tolerable of their presence and even have connections with these countries governments.

The Shadowland is only the nickname given to this area and its true name remains a mystery. Even prior to the arrival of Kerad it was a region of evil. Witch-Kings, liches, vampire lords, diabolic entities and dragons have all been prevalent in the area – sometimes ruling for a short time before being usurped. Many were in the service of Kerad, promoting his tyranny and wickedness.

North of the Shadowland are the un-chartered Nithmere Mountains and the Chaos Lands. What little knowledge is known comes from the brave and daring who enter these hostile lands to repel the ever present dangers. The Chaos Lands are a constant source of chaotic and twisted monsters some despicably evil. There are no true lords here and where there are pockets of dominion the leaders rule through fear and brutality. Their realms have a tenuous existence and have every chance of disintegrating into decay and anarchy. The most ferocious and powerful of monsters dwell here, feeding on lesser creatures. The more intelligent beings and individuals know where and where not to go. Several of the residents that are known to inhabit the region are the self-styled Chaos Lord, Oggsbog the Ogre-Lord, Thertax the Great Wyrm, and Ardrana the Annis Witch. The Chaos Lord is said to be a near immortal being of substantial power that has the potential to be a real threat to the nations of the north, while Oggsbog is actually a demi-divine being that is worshipped by many ogres of the north.

The Nithmere Mountains hide their own horrors including some sinister dark powers but the worst threat are the numerous tribes of Black Orcs, the dark spawn of Kerad. Other orc and goblin tribes thrive in the region and inter-warfare between the races and tribes is common. It is believed that they would cease their fighting if Kerad called upon them to fight for a greater cause and the emptying of the Nithmere would create a very mighty host indeed!

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