Kingdom of Muetar


Once a proud Empire that expanded across Immer, Pon, much of Hothior, The North Holding and The Withering, it is now a much smaller but nevertheless still powerful nation. Muetar has the largest army of any realm and is famed for its many knights and paladins; fully armoured, riding powerful warhorses and charging their foes into the ground. The Muetarians are a very tolerant people of all religions and faiths, although generally, evil sects are forced to take refuge in hidden temples once their reputation has been tarnished (which it invariably is). The people of this land are hardworking, prosperous, somewhat reserved but compassionate, who believe strongly in law and order but also believe in a fair and just system. Muetarian culture is usually understated but has a strength of character that is distinctive; Muetarian music is strong and brash but very tuneful; their playwrights write gritty observational plays that show all walks of life; cooking is wholesome and tasty but unimaginative; while some of the greatest landscape artists can be found here. There is an acceptance of magic in Muetar although shows of magic are uncommon and the casting of destructive spells in public areas is severely punished.

The capital city, Pennol, is the jewel of the North and has been the capital of two Empires (Norvanion and Imperial Muetar). A city of palaces, tall-spired churches, and cluttered streets full of taverns and hostelries, Pennol has always attracted races from all parts of the continent and even from as far as the Khorisian Empire across the Ruanic Sea. Entertainment, rare trade goods, information and even adventure can all be found here. The old abandoned Imperial Palace of Pennol holds many ancient secrets but only the bravest or most foolhardy adventurers dare explore it.

Muetar’s other cities of note are Plibba, a modern city of municipal buildings and the home of the Kingdom’s Treasury, Ostiberg, a city of scholars and cavaliers, Aradon, Muetar’s only port city on the sea, and Vakovar, a cosmopolitan city of entrepreneurs and adventurers.

Like all nations in the current age Muetar’s borders are constantly under siege from monsters. In the north beyond the Filgiso Forest its armies are committed to the Border Wars, fighting to stop an invasion of orcs from ever penetrating into more civilized lands.

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Kingdom of Muetar

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