Kingdom of Immer


A nation formed after the region fought for independence from the weakening Muetarian Empire it is primarily made up of people of mixed Ollunde/Norvanion stock. Also the Grazelander barbarians have small numbers in the Western Wilds as well as the catfolk and their Cat Lord. Immer is a land of contrasts, there are the sophisticated cities of Melavor City and Verik, the bustling port of Blave, and the fortress city of adventurers Muscaster, while in the nations western half are the sparsely settled Western Wilds composed of beautiful vales and dales and the rocky badlands near Onriss. Immer also, unfortunately, borders the Shadowland, but the Shards of Lor Mountains offer some protection from the evil contained within. The major pass through the mountains is protected by Hellsgate and a massive garrison of soldiers.

Immerians are flamboyant characters with an unhealthy interest in magic so it is no surprise that the region has produced many a Witch-Queen and Witch-King. Those incapable of magic enjoy swordplay but unlike the heavily armoured knights of Muetar many Immerians prefer lighter weaponry such as rapiers and short swords and wear lighter armours for manoeuvrability and displays of dexterity in combat. That said the heavily armoured cavaliers of Immer, obsessed with honour and winning the hearts of maidens, are a common sight, roaming the land putting down evil wherever it may rise.

Magic for practical uses is more common here than any other nation with the cities using magical lighting for the main streets and avenues which are kept clean by unseen servants, and the houses of nobles often have magical guardians and wards. Most towns and large villages have a community spell-caster to help with the chores of the settlement and generally to bring a healthier less burdensome life to all. Immerian culture is well developed and as they enjoy their leisure time they have a fine appreciation of the arts. Their music is usually beautiful and melodic, they have some of the best portrait artists of the continent (and the most accomplished painter of beasts and monsters), some of the most accomplished sculptures, their plays are witty and usually revolve around high society, and their food is imaginative and laced with herbs and generous amounts of garlic. Some outsiders find middle and upper class Immerians whimsical, witty, and flamboyant, and downright stubborn in regards to honour and pride.

Immerians are also the most liberal of races which has lead to some flouting of the law and the forming of strange sects and groups but has also helped stamp out prejudice with Immer having a sizeable demi-human population as well as having good ties with Eldenora and Grey Rok. Only the grazelanders would say otherwise after being subject to territorial conflict around 200 years ago.

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Kingdom of Immer

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