City of Grey Rok


The mighty fortress city of Grey Rok is as much a place of mystery as is Eldenora. The mountain and hill dwarves (known as Dwaryr and Dwalyn) that reside here are descendants of the mighty Dwaryn tribe that segregated into these distinct races when they greatly expanded their realm over the Hills of the Half-Born and the Nithmere Mountains. The City has many vassal kingdoms across this region but they are constantly besieged by aggressive orc tribes, hill giants, ogres and worse. The City of Grey Rok itself is built into the side of a mountain, a massive granite fortress, but its chambers and halls burrow well back into the mountain itself and down to its foot and up to its peak. Great secrets are kept within the vaulted chambers of this city including legendary war machines built to emulate the (in)famous lost Ilmoras. Traders are allowed access to the under city, an underground complex situated at the base of the mountain where a huge cavern, lit by luminescent mosses and lichen, acts as the host for a busy market. Access to this under city is through a set of warded double doors and across a wide drawbridge that spans a bottomless. The dwarves regard the under city as a defensive weak point so there is only one tunnel that links to the upper and larger sections of the city. Only a few privileged visitors have witnessed the spectacle and grandeur of the upper chambers although a thief named Queldo almost gained access. He used his vast experience to avoid the wards and traps but was eventually captured where he is said to have commented on the remarkable ingenuity used to defend the passage. Incidentally Queldo’s punishment was to help highlight the weaknesses in the tunnel’s defensives and he spent the rest of his days merrily drinking dwarven ale while devising even more deadly traps and safeguards.

A last note is that the region around Grey Rok has several deposits of mithril and it is said that the dwarves of Grey Rok would all rather die than forsake these mountains to the orc and giant spawn that constantly throw their numbers against the unassailable walls of the city.

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City of Grey Rok

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