City of Golkus


Golkus is a city of intrigue and much bloodshed. A haven for pirates, assassins and thieves, the city has a very unsavoury reputation. Nevertheless it is a large trade port of the far north and deals in all a manner of goods that are in demand in the nations further south. This attracts many merchants some travelling from as far as Shucassam, and it is this that the city’s wealth is made upon not upon the activities of its dark agents. This said assassination, piracy, kidnapping, extortion, drug trafficking, and forgery all help to make Golkus the prosperous city that it is. Many visitors come to the city to wonder at its daunting gothic architecture, visit its many fine inns, taverns and food emporiums, to sample the delightful vice scene, and to acquire goods that are not available or are just too expensive elsewhere. During the summer months when the weather is at its best the population of Golkus can almost double with visitors.

The city has a thriving slave market where the customers and slaves vary greatly. It is said that many a slave is taken back to a nation where slavery is outlawed although the majority of slaves do head to lands where slavery is legal such as Shucassam, The Shadowland, and Pon (slavery is not encouraged in Pon but some regions do tolerate it). The slaves range from humans, demi-humans, and humanoids to lesser drakes, faeries, and even the odd rare creature such as a lammasu or centaur. The city also has a bustling animal and monster market.

The streets of Golkus are patrolled by the notorious Blackheart Mercenaries, hired by the city authorities to keep order. Many of their number are orcs and hobgoblins that are known to be over zealous in accepting bribes and for demanding on the spot fines. They also partake in the sport of hunting the fox where criminals are released only to be hunted down and killed.

The city is ruled by a secret council who use a group of slimy civil servants to administer their rule. It is rumoured that a Grandfather of Assassins and a beholder sits on this council.

The average Golkun is tall and slender with fair skin and dark hair but more and more the Golkun blood is being diluted with foreign blood, and the foreigners make up nearly half of the city’s population. Grazelanders are prominent throughout the city-state area especially outside the city environs.

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City of Golkus

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