City of Beoli


The nemesis and antithesis of Golkus is the city of Beoli. A city of parks and gardens spread out on a peninsula that stretches out into the Lake of Willows. It is known for its colleges and universities as well as having a strong navy that is constantly at war with the Golkun pirates. Beoli’s proximity to Eldenora has seen a strong influence of elven culture spread over the city and elves make up around 20% of the population. Half-elves make up another 30% while the rest is primarily human although all the demi-human races can be encountered here. The city has a trade market almost as strong as Golkus and also attracts a lot of visitors because of its vast libraries and sources of learning. Magic in all its forms can be found here and new spells are developed constantly as well as strange magical devices and artefacts.

Its architecture is beautiful with most structures being ornately but tastefully decorated, and magic is used throughout the city to help make life more pleasant (such as magical lighting, a magical sewage system, and various kinds of magical entertainments including fireworks and illusionary circuses). The whole city is protected by an invisible magically sphere that shields against magic, disrupts teleportation, and wards against demonic and diabolic entities.

The people of Beoli are peace loving but being close to the Chaos Lands, the Nithmere Mountains, and the City-State of Golkus has forced these folk to learn destructive magics as well as learning the art of swordplay. They also specialize in enchanting devices, warding and protection spells, and divination magic. The racial stock of Beoli is very similar to that of the city of Golkus, with much of the population deriving from ancient Turcolton tribes. There is a significant population of Grazelanders but the majority have settled the countryside outside the city enjoying a traditional nomadic lifestyle or founding fortified villages.

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City of Beoli

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