The Minaria Campaign

The Takathunda Stone

Rumours of trouble in the far north-eastern corner of the Principality of Lyris lead the characters on the road towards Evenstar and to the small communities of Browley, Ringmore and Kuston. The adventurers discover a vandalised church, three sets of stone circles and spider riding goblins. Inspection of a local monument known as the Takathunda Stone reveals a ryhme that speaks of a set of stones known as the Succubus Stones and certain doom if they are found and used.

Further investigation leads to an encounter of barrow wights and all the while some one is following the group. They eventually capture the one that has been spying on them and it turns out to be a doppleganger named Balden disguised as a local villager. He agrees to join the adventurers when they convince him that his current employer, the local lord, will soon be brought to justice.

A raid on a goblin cave follows and then the infiltration of the local lord’s keep. The lord turns out to be a wizard who is intent on collecting the Succubus Stones and activating a portal. The wizard is surprised by the adventurers and quickly killed. Balden is left the castle and he continues to pose as the wizard.



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