The Minaria Campaign

The Stolen Plans

Upon returning to Saltmarsh the adventurers were requested to meet with the Marquis of the North Province who is based in the town of Jerikal. On their journey Yanev had a run in with some Zothite priests and a small band of orcs tried to ambush them.

The Marquis, Aurin Boldheart, informed the adventurers that some sensitive military plans had been stolen from the city of Soren and taken through a portal near the town of Braga. The adventurers were asked to retrieve the plans.

They travelled through the portal and arrived in the depths of a Cathedral in the city of Vandastar in the Kingdom of Hothior.

While in Vandastar a great shooting star fell from the sky and hit somewhere in the Wolf Wilds. A drunk cleric of Tiros gave the characters a quest to visit an old sage and to learn what prophecy the fallen star signified. To many in Vandastar they viewed it as a sign of prosperity and good times ahead.



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