The Minaria Campaign

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

The adventurers follow the coastal road north-east out of town to the haunted house that stands on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Outside the house they encountered Ferula Niadelle who was collecting berries for her goodberry spell. She agreed to join the adventurers and they set off into the house. They were met with ominous noises and discovered a man tied up in an upstairs room named Ned who agreed to tag along.

They eventually found a smugglers ring operating in the cellar and while they tackled the smugglers Ned turned on them. Darryl was forced to retreat from the combat after being badly wounded, something which Thorvald would never let him forget with songs of “Brave, brave Sir Darryl”.

Once the smugglers were defeated the group returned to Saltmarsh to collect their reward.



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