The Minaria Campaign

Journey Across the Wolf Wilds

We left the Tower of the Heavens with this crystal that Shalfey had bequeathed to us. It quickly became apparent we were being pursued by Keradites who were intent on capturing the crystal. We had to hide while we watched some dark priests on horseback attempt to decipher our location but luckily we were not discovered.

We continued our journey eventually making camp in the wilderness. When we awoke next day we were being watched by a couple of children, which was a strange sight to see so far out in the wilderness. Some odd events then began to happen – odd distortions in time, or was it in mind – we couldn’t tell, and it became apparent that the children were causing it. An older girl appeared and she admonished the younger two, who scampered off back to whence they came. She fetched us some food from a large nearby building which she described as being a school. It seems that there is a school for psionically talented children hidden way out here in the wilds of Hothior.

We carried on our journey and came across a small village around nightfall. It appears we are steadily getting closer to civilization. We stayed at the local inn and settled down for the night only to be awoken by the sounds of wolves howling. It quickly became obvious that the entire village was populated by werewolves and they were intent on making us their supper. We couldn’t escape through the front door so we had to barricade our rooms and make an escape through the window while the lycanthropes battered down the front door of the inn. We snuck out of the small settlement and ran through the night until we were well clear. We could hear their howls that echoed through the night, hinting of anguish at our escape.

This was not our last encounter with werewolves. The trail we trod followed a winding river and we could see creatures looping along on the far bank. Later that day we were ambushed by a brutish creature. A large and vile lycanthrope, that savaged Darryl, but by the blessing of Tiros he survived the attack. We eventually killed it and we didn’t hang long enough to discover if it had any compatriots.

We eventually reached the village of Hoden, a proper sized settlement that offered us a comfortable inn. We didn’t stay longer than one night even if the rest would have been nice as Torek felt uncomfortable with so much wolfsbane hanging from the buildings, indicating the presence of more lycanthropes nearby. We took the road to Nattenburg, one of the burgomaster towns of north-west Hothior, a part of my nation that I have never been to before.




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