The Minaria Campaign

Escape From Dessarin

This was a difficult adventure for Ferula, breaking into a notorious impregnable underground prison that seemed the size of a small city, hopelessly outnumbered, and stinking of unimaginable filth (especially after she fell in a pool of poo while descending the entry shaft and was seriously incapacitated). She had to leave her bow and her beloved wolf behind and felt really vulnerable, she hates these confined spaces, but at least she got to test two new spells, spider climb and summon swarm, both to great advantage. She cast spider climb on Darryl who scouted the prison giving us a good idea of what we were up against, unfortunately Darryl got bitten by one of the rats when she summoned a swarm of them to keep the guards busy. All this was to rescue our crazy cleric who got himself mixed up in other folks affairs as usual, we could have easily all ended up stuck in this place forever. It was very sad having to say goodbye to our old friend Torek during our escape, he was a complete dumb-ass but rather cute, I wish him well in the battle that faces him.



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