The Eastern Kingdoms of Minaria are vast lands filled with adventure and intrigue. Each nation has a distinct feel and flavour – the highly cultured Miviorians, the ambitious desert dwelling Shucassites with their ancient heritage and ever-lasting nation, the Muetarians with their militaristic imperial past that they are trying best to forget, the fervent and religious Hothiorians, the liberal and financially minded Lyrisians, the diverse and dangerous Ponese, and the elegant and graceful Immerians.

These lands maybe sizable but much of their territory is vast borderland that is barely tamed and is providing a constant challenge to control. Adventurers are called upon in these uncertain times to ensure that the many threats that lurk in these borderlands, and beyond in the uncharted wilderness, do not become a real threat to the people that dwell in the core of these nations.

The Eastern Kingdoms is a late medieval setting where magic is used by few and the majority of the people wish to remain ignorant of the monsters that threaten. The people look to heroes like you to keep the world a safer place!



Adventures and Events

  1. Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
  2. The Takathunda Stone
  3. Exploring Saltmarsh
  4. When A Star Falls
  5. Journey to Mokora
  6. Beneath Saltmarsh
  7. The Final Enemy
  8. Party of Dame Gold
  9. Ghost Tower of Inverness
  10. Desert of Desolation Series
  11. Journey to Pon
  12. The Misty Hollows
  13. Gessenfaust & Barovia
  14. The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
  15. Ravenloft
  16. The Demon Within
  17. Rasputin Must Die

The Minaria Campaign

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