The Gods of Minaria

Greater Gods

AmunLaw, Order, Sport, and LeadershipLNmAll
CelindiSpring, Creation, Healing, Agriculture, Dawn and New BeginningsCGfAll
KeradDarkness, Cruelty, Tyranny and HateLEmAll
Re’AtnSun, Fire, Kings and Nobility “Pharaoh of the Gods”LGmAll
TirosEarth, Life, Protection, Survival and Common SenseNGmAll

Intermediate Gods

AhtoSeas and WatersNGmAll
BerrasFear, Strife, Savagery, Treachery, Betrayal and SufferingCEmAll
ElodraWinter, Decay and CorruptionNEfNorvic/Hothiorian
FreyAgriculture, Fertility, Sunshine, Peace and HappinessNGmNorvic/Hothiorian
FreyaLove, Fertility, Magic, VanityCGfNorvic/Hothiorian
HelDeath (and Disease), Judge of the DeadNEfAll
HiisiEvilCEmNot Rombune
HosarSummer, Sun, Light, Healing, Endurance, Wisdom and MercyLGmAll
IshtarLove and WarNfShu
IstazaAutumn, Magic, Moon and DuskNfAll
K’NemuInvention, Artifacts and MechanismsNGmNot Rombune
MardukWind, Storms, Rain and CitiesLNmEluvean/Shu
MerkanAir, Skies and WeatherCGmAll
OmaraWater, Seas and WindCGfAll
Taaut (Thoth)Knowledge and MagicNmEluvean/Shu/Toran
WotasWar and StrengthCNmNot Shu/Rombune
ZothLies, Deceit, Oppression and Fire, Destructive MagicLEmAll

Lesser and Demi Gods

FenistroTrade, Money and GemsLNfAll
OdramusFate, Music and Story TellingNmAll
SudethanStealth, Shadow and RoguesNEmNot Shu
TenindraRivers, Streams, Waterfalls, Wells, Hope, Good Luck, and Faeries
“The River Child”
NGfNot Rombune

The Gods of Minaria

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