The Forgyle Forest, the Kingdom of Glissom and Armania


The Forgyle Forest matches the Filgiso in size and splendour although this forest is slightly less densely packed and the trees are not so mighty in height. It is also less dangerous but unwary travellers often fall victim to giant animals, arachnids, and man-eating plants and to the many unusual beasts that reside here. A great elven kingdom once covered much of the forest but the elves now have insufficient numbers to control such a large region. Instead they dwell in small loosely organised city-states and townships avoiding contact with the outside world (although some of their number leave their homeland to experience the world, these elves are said to be afflicted with Su’anan – the spirit of wanderlust.). From time to time one elf rises up to be elected King of the Forest, overlord of the forest elves. Wild elves are also said to live in the Forgyle but they are reclusive so little information is known.

The Kingdom of Glissom is a forest nation of men, half elves and elves. The kingdom was formed after the wars between elves and men came to an end and it was decided that this region was to be shared by all races. There is also a significant population of halflings, dwarves and gnomes living in the region making Glissom truly multi-cultural. The capital Insel Garsi is built in the boughs of the great tree Skyhaven, the largest tree of the Forgyle, although much of the town has expanded around its trunk on the forest floor and up to the shore of the nearby lake. Glissom has maintained political neutral ness for many years believing it should not interfere in the affairs of men although the kingdom had a fierce but relatively short war against Armania. Another war with the fragmented Armania seems to be brewing.

If Glissom is the epitome of peace Armania is the epitome of strife and warfare. This proud nation that once bore the name of Selendor is now constantly in civil war, the barons continually ally against each other in an attempt to grab more power and land. A duke sits on the throne in the capital Resmaldi but he has little real power and although he attempts to manipulate those around him and the barons closest to him he has had little success in gaining full control of the land. He is named Urchencha and unlike his predecessors he has managed to last over a year on the throne although most believe it will not be long before another claims the throne from him. Urchencha’s cruelty and ruthlessness is well known in Armania and it is these two qualities that have kept him where he is today but his time is running out. The peasants of the land suffer the worst conditions with their communities often under threat of being pillaged and their fields of crops burnt. Famine and pestilence is rife and the local priests (of those that have not been corrupted to a dark religion) struggle to heal the wounded and cure the sick. Most trade now bypasses Armania with ships travelling up the Tundyr River to Insel Garsi where the goods can be distributed onwards. The Varettans are attempting to control all of this trade with opposition coming from all quarters and a trade war may be eminent.

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The Forgyle Forest, the Kingdom of Glissom and Armania

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