States of Mivior


So much can be written about the States of Mivior as they are several nations rolled into one but in the main the people share a common heritage and it is this combined with the threat of Shucassam and sustained economic growth that makes Mivior work as a single entity. Founded during a period of unrest when kings and aristocratic rulers were deposed and republican governments established Mivior has grown into a single democratic state. Of course the common man has no vote but many people from different walks of life do and it has lead to a nation that strives to do the best for its people. The present Great Elector of Mivior is the Lady Ellenia Arbenala, the first female ruler of this mighty land.

Mivior is known for its powerful cities, and inter city rivalry has been strong for many years. Greatest and most powerful of these cities, and capital of Mivior, is Colist. This grand city is built at the mouth of the River Storn, straddling across an archipelago of islands that stretch across the estuary as well as spreading onto the banks on either side. Throughout the city are guilds, merchant and trading houses, schools, colleges, emporiums, and municipal buildings, all made to be the grandest and most beautiful building in the city. This has lead to an amazing cityscape and arguably the most spectacular city in the known world. The other big draw to Colist is that every service and almost every commodity available can be acquired here, be it at a large price.

The other cities of Mivior also hold much splendour and do not sit in Colist’s shadow. The city of Varetta has long been a rival of Colist competing equally in dominating trade, and as a result of its smaller population offers a better standard of living. They are often locked in trade wars and prior to the forming of Mivior they actually competed in open warfare to secure markets, shipping lanes and land trade routes. Varetta is a city of waterways and is dominated by tall imposing buildings cluttered around squares, squeezed onto the varying islands that stretch across an area of partially drained marshland. Other cities include Kerhan, a city ruled by a council of Elders and where the roofs of the ground level buildings provide a second layer for the city where there are more buildings and streets; Shuentina is a sprawling city of avenues, well looked after buildings, beautiful parks and attractive small squares, and the home of a large naval harbour for ships that patrol the Great River; Boran is the home of the infamous Baron of Boran and a city of adventurers; and Magador, the city that sits high on a plateau and famed for its large and permanent fayre.

Mivior is a culturally advanced nation; its art, music, and written word are evolving into more complex works, and technology is beginning to make an appearance among society. Simple gear systems are being utilised as well as magic powered machinery. Some of these ideas and concepts of machinery have been gleaned from dwarven sources and Miviorian flair added to make them more useful and inventive. Miviorian magic is also very advanced with some more ambitious wizards attempting to research and utilise 10th level spells! A good deal of today’s commonly used spells have originated from the wizard colleges of Mivior, and Miviorian Planewalkers have been responsible for bringing a number of new spells to the continent from other worlds (such as the Bigby spells).

Mivior possesses the largest naval fleet of any country although the Shucassite fleet almost matches it in size and strength and the quick ships of Rombune are a constant threat. The army consists of well-drilled legions of lightly armoured infantry units that are backed up with light cavalry and an arsenal of catapults, ballistae, flame-throwers, and chargers. Mivior also provides some of the best horses in all of the continent, most of them coming from the Plains of Yore (most are light and medium horse with heavy horse being more commonly bred in the north of Minaria).

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States of Mivior

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