Slovia is a small state nestled near the mouth of the Great River. Its climate is strangely temperature for its location with cool summer storms rolling in from the sea and bitter northern winds blowing off the nearby Krayet Mountains and Slovian Hills during winter. It is also believed that an unknown magical aspect affects its weather patterns, and scholars speak of this nation co-existing with a nightmarish plane beyond our own world. Theories come and go regarding the quirks of Slovia and conclusive proof of the reality of the situation has yet to come to light. What is definite is that Slovia has an unhealthy number of undead, supernatural happenings and lycanthropic activity. Certain regions of Pon suffer similar problems and there is belief that there is a link but as already said proof has yet to materialize.

The menaces of Slovia have turned the people into a dour bunch although their culture is littered with music, plays and song to help relieve the dangers of life. Many people have taken to the old custom of wandering in nomadic groups, travelling away from trouble and enjoying the security and comfort of constantly having others nearby. These people have many superstitious rites and traditions to help safeguard them but also have the most powerful of magiks to help deal with this land’s many threats. The rest of the population tend to live in walled towns or head to the relative safety of the capital city Geldor. These places tend to consist of tall storied houses overlooking narrow streets so that more numbers can be accommodated within the community’s protective walls. Stone gargoyles, relief-work of saints, and rooftop metal fencing are all used to help ward off hostile creatures. For the most part the towns are safer but bloodthirsty killers, infiltration by were creatures, mad necromancers, and demon-possessed citizens all create a regular urban menace. Villages do exist throughout the Slovian countryside but they are usually fairly distant from each other and doors and windows are shuttered and bolted throughout the night.

These dangers have led to a high number of vampire-killers, undead slayers, and werewolf hunters as well as very advanced police service that operates in the towns. The art of investigation, deduction, and evidence gathering is highly developed throughout the nation with officers being dispatched to more remote parts when and where needed.

Slovia has no distinct ruler although the Elder of Geldor has the power entrusted in him to rule the land but regional lords and barons usually take care of local affairs with the menacing and sinister Slovian Tax Guild being responsible for the county’s tax revenue. The churches of Slovia also hold much power and they often vie for the attention and support of the Elder (or even in the case of past Elders control and manipulate him for the benefit of the Church’s own end).

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