City of Kosca

The city of Kosca was founded by river and sea pirates who spent many a year plundering the ships on the Great River and out in the Bay of Terahan. The city prospered and became a power base whose influence has helped shape the political states around it. Kosca has lent its support to others when it has deemed it necessary to help create a balance of power in the region, but this had meant not being loyal to anyone nation. This has left Kosca politically isolated but its strategic position means its independence is assured. Even when Shucassite forces occupied the city for a time a combined army from the states that now form Mivior liberated Kosca, an event that helped consolidate the growing Mivior nation.

Kosca is now primarily a trade port although its Sea Lords unofficially still encourage piratical activity against its neighbours. The city acts as an intermediary for Miviorian and Shucassite trade (both nations tax each others trade heavily so trading through Kosca avoids this), as well as being a central market for goods from the north and south. Kosca claims to boast the biggest range of goods available anywhere on the continent. The city also boasts a fine navy specializing in ships equally suited for travel and combat on the Great River and out at sea.

The city has a complicated political system that often requires the assistance of outsiders, in particular hired adventurers or mercenaries to carry out the dirty work of various officials. The city has a wealth of adventure hidden among its warren of streets, and adventurers are not only tolerated here but also welcomed as part of the lifeblood of the city.

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City of Kosca

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