The Minaria Campaign

The Takathunda Stone

Rumours of trouble in the far north-eastern corner of the Principality of Lyris lead the characters on the road towards Evenstar and to the small communities of Browley, Ringmore and Kuston. The adventurers discover a vandalised church, three sets of stone circles and spider riding goblins. Inspection of a local monument known as the Takathunda Stone reveals a ryhme that speaks of a set of stones known as the Succubus Stones and certain doom if they are found and used.

Further investigation leads to an encounter of barrow wights and all the while some one is following the group. They eventually capture the one that has been spying on them and it turns out to be a doppleganger named Balden disguised as a local villager. He agrees to join the adventurers when they convince him that his current employer, the local lord, will soon be brought to justice.

A raid on a goblin cave follows and then the infiltration of the local lord’s keep. The lord turns out to be a wizard who is intent on collecting the Succubus Stones and activating a portal. The wizard is surprised by the adventurers and quickly killed. Balden is left the castle and he continues to pose as the wizard.

Darryl Investigates

While the adventurers rested in Saltmarsh inbetween adventures Darryl decided to make friends and discover the local town gossip, especially concerning the local thieves guild. He successfully befriended a young gang leader named Kredan Ashstel and he promised to keep his ear to the ground. Darryl became aware that he was being followed and even confronted the shifty man that was tailing him but gained little from it.

Meanwhile Ferula struck a relationship with a local druid and innkeeper named Elkwin Burnerdor. She also rented a property on Armour Street and set up a market stall for her non-magical lotions and potions.

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

The adventurers follow the coastal road north-east out of town to the haunted house that stands on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Outside the house they encountered Ferula Niadelle who was collecting berries for her goodberry spell. She agreed to join the adventurers and they set off into the house. They were met with ominous noises and discovered a man tied up in an upstairs room named Ned who agreed to tag along.

They eventually found a smugglers ring operating in the cellar and while they tackled the smugglers Ned turned on them. Darryl was forced to retreat from the combat after being badly wounded, something which Thorvald would never let him forget with songs of “Brave, brave Sir Darryl”.

Once the smugglers were defeated the group returned to Saltmarsh to collect their reward.

Arrival into Saltmarsh

The adventurers arrive at the backwater town of Saltmarsh in the far north of the Principality of Lyris. They include Yanev Velshin, Darryl Corsello, Radigast, Thorvald Hammerstone, and a monk who left the group just as they set off on their first quest. This quest was to investigate a nearby haunted house.


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