Gurug Vruhag

Half-Orc Avenger


Gurug Vruhag

Early Life

A common tale for those of his kind, Gurug was born the child of an orc and half orc. His early years were spent in the orc encampment of Ogbad’s Hold in the region of Scearp Hills. Life was good until Warlord Ogbad led his clan on an unsuccessful raid against an enemy stronghold. Left for dead the survivors including Gurug and his family were left to the mercy of the opposing orc clan. Most were slaughtered but Gurug managed to escape and wandered the wilderness for what seemed like months.

One day a wandering human monk observed Gurug hunting wild animals and must have seen some potential in this feral young half-orc. Taken in by the secretive Order Of The Wailing Banshee Gurug was given a chance to start a new life among the monks.


Not one for humour or social pleasures Gurug is generally uncomfotable around others, prefering to meditate alone and wait patiently for the next chance to dance with fate in the heat of a battle. That said he will tolerate a small adventuring party as a means to an end and will contribute to strategy and planning of missions.


When asked Gurug would say that fate will decide his path in life. Continually testing himself in battle his goal is to die a good death and judge those who would seek to dodge fate.


The Order Of The Wailing Banshee worships The Raven Queen above all other deities. In battle Gurug will seek out worthy opponents and pursue them to their or his own end.

Gurug Vruhag

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