Elkwin Burnerdor

Innkeeper at the Silver Sickle


Druid of the Tauth forest.


As a child Elkwin was brought up as a foundling by Pelrick Burnerdor, (paternal uncle of Ferula Niadelle) and his human wife Eleanor Wheatrick. He was sent when young to the Tauth forest for druid schooling. Ferula knows that her uncle had a human foundling child and suspects Elkwin is the one because he bears her grandmother’s name, but she only suspected the family ties after she had fallen for him. Elkwin meanwhile is unaware that his stepfather is related to Ferula because the passage of time for humans and elves is so different and is a little confused at why she seems to think he would know about what went on in her family so long ago.

Elkwin is a keen gardener who keeps an extensive herb garden behind the inn, his herbal knowledge is vast and he prides himself in this but is always keen to learn more and find new plants with different uses. Although he is an innkeeper he is not a particularly wealthy man, so the market stall he runs with Ferula is a useful asset and outlet for his fresh herbs as well as her potions. Although he finds Ferula distant and annoying at times and is away “adventuring” too often for his liking she has a way about her that he just cannot resist, and she certainly knows how to cheer a fellow up!

Elkwin Burnerdor

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