Wolf, second animal companion of Ferula Niadelle


Level=6 HP=51 STR=15 Dex=18 Con=15 Int=2 Wis=12 Cha=6
Improved natural attack
Improved natural armour
Weapon focus (Bite)

Ini= 4
Speed 50ft
Attack=Bite 9
Damage 1D8 +2 plus trip
Saves=Fort +8, Ref +9, Will +3

(2)Perception +6
(1)Stealth +8
(1)Acrobatics +8
(1)Survival +5
(1)Swim +6


Lupin, the first of Ferula’s animal companions, was befriended by Ferula when he was just a pup and his mother had been killed by hunters. Ferula helped him survive and they shared a unique bond of kinship and loyalty. Lupin spent most of the time hunting in the forests but can be called when needed, he is never too far away.

Unfortunately Lupin was turned to stone before the party were transported to the desert so nothing could be done at that time to save poor Lupin.

Ferula met Woof while in the desert and they became firm friends and although they travel fairly independently, like Lupin, Woof preferring the forest to the open road, Woof can be called when needed. Hopefully someday we can free poor Lupin from his stony state.


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