Darryl Corsello

Wannabe charismatic swashbuckler


Darryl Corsello

Darryl Corsello is from a wealthy family of merchants who live in Soren, the capital city of Lyris. Not wanting to be tied down working for his father, Darryl joined the merchant guild of Soren who have tasked him with investigating the northern border town of Saltmarsh. This upset his father who had plans for him to inherit the family business therefore their relationship is somewhat strained at present.

Darryl has tasked himself with bringing culture and fine Soren tastes to the backwater of Saltmarsh. Originating from the capital city, Darryl struts about with a superior attitude and is often complaining about the standard of drink, women and accommodation in the “uncivilised” north. Darryl is quite the ladies man and is relatively successful (and occasionally disastrously unsuccessful much to the amusement of Yanev and the party!). Darryl would quite fancy Ferula but she is far too scary.

Happy-go-lucky, Darryl is happiest when kicking back with some fine Esobus golden white and poking fun at Yanev’s latest religious rant. Darryl likes to think he is the voice of the party although this often has mixed results, his inexperience and youthful over-eagerness often landing the group in worse trouble than they were already in. It is quite fortunate then that Darryl is good in a fight, his trusty rapier always at his side and ready for action. He has no qualms about fighting dirty, often sneaking up on enemies and knocking them out with his sap or getting some cheap shots in whilst his opponent is occupied by another party member.

Darryl sees himself as a wannabe spy or government agent and has attempted to infiltrate the Saltmarsh thieves’ guild. It has proven tricky in Saltmarsh however with information very hard to come by in such a close nit community. His investigations are ongoing.

Darryl Corsello

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