The Minaria Campaign

The Horrors of Castle Ravenloft

The adventurers began to explore the castle in an attempt to circumvent the trap that had triggered down in the cellars. Unnerving noises, an eerie darkness and unseen supernatural forces were at their heels as they went. They went up the castle and had a brief encounter with Strahd in the Audience Hall. He left them a book for them to read so as they could understand his past and what drove him to his current condition. They then proceeded to search Strahd’s quarters on the floor above. They encountered the untouched remains of a wedding reception, which spoke of the ill-fated wedding of Tatayana and Strahd’s brother (before Strahd killed him and Tatayana committed suicide) and then entered a study where Strahd awaited them. Madame Eva had spoke of such a room and that they must avoid any confrontation with Strahd here so they retreated.

They searched a bathroom and closet and used the ring of x-ray vision to examine an adjoining bedroom where a woman lay on a grand bed. Rather than face this encounter, suspecting she may be a vampire, they continued up the tower and came into combat with a supernatural painting and the spirit possessing it. The spirit was routed and the painting covered up with a blanket. Ferula’s keen elven eye sight then spotted a trap door in the floor of the landing and below they discovered a shaft and trapworks. These trapworks work the very trap that had blocked their path originally down in the cellar. Vespasian and Mordovan attempted to reset the trap and block it from being used again. While doing so they were attacked by wraiths and Vespasian was drained. Yanev used a restoration to bring back his life force.

Once the trap was reset and blocked from triggering the group descended back into the cellars. They began to explore and as they searched an old guard mess hall they heard strange heavy footsteps heading their way. They made ready but suddenly the footsteps receded and before they could breath a sigh of relief a side door opened by itself and a cold supernatural entity came into the room spooking Bryngar and Vespasian. Bryngar made for the far door and once through a cloak dropped over him and he was suddenly gone. Vespasian went to give chase but Bryngar was nowhere to be seen….



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