The Minaria Campaign

Night in the Misty Hollows

DM: Hren

ADVENTURERS – Yanev, Tobbin, Bryngar, Ferula, Vespasian, Mordovan

The adventurers needed rest desperately as the encounter with the Bodak had taken its toll. Yanev used the power invested in him by the god Tiros to dismiss the negative energy that was eating away at Bryngar’s soul but there was little he could do to help the others. Time was against them all and maybe after a good night’s rest Yanev could do something to alleviate the draining inflicted on the others. The adventurers rested in the old dragon’s lair at the entrance to the old crypt/temple, putting back in place the boulders that barricaded the doors into the accursed place.

Half way through their rest some creature began crashing its weight against the doors, attempting to smash them open. The adventurers awoke and backed off into the natural cavern that connected to the outside world. This was filled with an unnatural fog and they became separated. It quickly became obvious that some humanoid creatures were in the fog, unhindered by it, and striking out at the adventurers. The characters defended themselves blindly swinging out wildly at anything that came near. Suddenly the bag of holding carried by Bryngar was snatched and the creatures made a run for it. The only course of action was to give chase as the bag held most of their treasure. Tobbin released fireball after fireball at the thieves using the guidance of Ferula who had summoned a dire bat to help locate and attack the creatures. A leader of these unknown humanoids managed to get hold of the bag off one of its dead compatriots and made for the undergrowth outside the cavern. Moldovan was the quickest and had survived the effects of the friendly fire (the fireballs) thanks to his instinctive ability to evade. He ran the creature through and reclaimed the bag of holding.

The adventurers eventually got a good night’s rest and Yanev was able to restore his companions to full health and spirit. A part of them was slipping away, drained by the bodak and only the divine power of Tiros prevented it. They then re-entered the crypt/temple and began exploring again, using caution so as not to be surprised as they had been by the bodak. The checked out the dead body of an elf and found a journal relating to a band of elves led by Ferula’s father. Apparently a sacred tree in the Tauth forest had been desecrated and a seed stolen from it. Ferula’s father had taken it upon himself to hunt down the perpetrators and recover the seed. It appears the seed is to be used by a cult of Berras to open a gate to the abyss and bring a horde of demons into this world. The seed is but one artefact that is required to bring this about.

The adventurers eventually came across a stone bridge crossing a large tar pit. They were attacked by a couple of xorn that caused a few problems but were eventually defeated.



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