The Minaria Campaign

Exploring Castle Ravenloft

The adventurers began to explore the cellars of Castle Ravenloft in an attempt to find a way down into the crypts. There was no sign of Bryngar who was presumably kidnapped by Strahd.

They then encountered the paladin Lucian in a chamber that they believe holds the Symbol of Ravenkind. Lucian claimed he was using magic to stop Strahd from detecting him but he had been unable to escape the castle. Lord Vorek was not convinced as he began to think he had been in this chamber before (or had least viewed it from the door) and had never encountered Lucian but he never got to voice his concerns as the group were unexpectedly plunged into darkness and attacked by greater shadows. Lucian also started to attack them and some supernatural fear effect sent Vespasian and Lord Vorek running. A dangerous fight ensued and eventually Lucian and the shadows were destroyed. But it was not all over as a fireball was launched into the room and something tried to possess Mordovan.

Meanwhile Lord Vorek and Vespasian had overcome the fear but shortly after Vorek was kidnapped and whisked away up into the tall tower by an unseen adversary (presumably Strahd). Vespasian tried to get back to the group but felt something evil was lurking ahead. He sent two fireballs into a chamber and hurt something there. The rest of the group came out of the room where they had fought Lucian (and they had also recovered the Symbol of Ravenkind) just in time to see Vespasian being whisked off his feet by some unseen force and wizzed up some stairs and up into one of the tall towers. The force that had hold of him dropped him sending him plunging towards his death. Ferula managed to place a windwall beneath him a few seconds before he hit the ground. His fall was cushioned although he wasn’t completely unscathed.

The group were now weakened (in Vespasian and Yanev’s case literally thanks to the shadows) and desperate not to have anymore unessecary encounters. Blood dripping from the tall tower dissuaded them from going that way so they began searching for secret doors and cautiously trying other routes. They tried the flooded area at the base of the castle which presumably connects to the crypts. Mordovan scouted ahead using the cloak of the manta ray but was attacked by ghouls or zombies that tried to drag him under the water and kill him. He squirmed free and made his way back to the group. The adventurers decided to try alternative routes.

They found themselves back in the dining hall where Gredarin seemed to be in a magical sleep (this state made him appear dead) and the two Machavec women were missing. Blood marks near the door did not bode well. It was decided that the blocked off stairs from the chapel would be the best route down and so they headed that way. At this point they came across Bryngar hacking at a body with his axe. He is covered in blood, and dismembered limbs and body parts are everywhere. The body is that of Lady Alissa Machavec…



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